Diversity Talks Represents Providence, RI in Kansas City, Missouri

As of August 2017, Diversity Talks has expanded it's student-led professional development to Kansas City, Missouri with hopes to be able to compare the progress made in Kansas City, Missouri to Providence, Rhode Island. 

Since the expansion, the team has already been "backed" by the Kansas City Mayor and gained a lot of traction. Because of the momentum, the work of Diversity Talks has been published on Startland News, a local website that focuses on all things innovative. 

Startup Transforms Students into Teachers for Educators’ Diversity Training

"Conversations about race, power, privilege and oppression are being had across the country every day.

And Kiara Butler believes there is no better group to lead these discussions than young people, she said.

“Students are already having these conversations every day,” said Butler, co-founder and CEO of Diversity Talks. “It’s the adults that don’t necessarily want to. They may be kind of iffy about having a conversation because they don’t want to say the wrong thing. Students are more receptive to opening up.”

When you have your whole life ahead of you, it’s hard not to feel particularly affected by current events, Butler said. Butler co-founded Diversity Talks in June 2017 with the objective to create space for important conversations and to empower students."

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Student-led Conversations Shift the Perspectives of Adults

Diversity Talks Featured on Edsurge.com

Diversity Talks Featured on Edsurge.com