Student-Led Workshops


Don't see a workshop that you need? Let us know and our student facilitators will develop it for you!

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90 minutes— This workshop provides participants with the language pertinent to understanding sexual orientation, gender identity and expression. 

Student Voice

90 minutes — This workshop delves into exploring power dynamics between adults and youth in the classroom and community. 


90 minutes— This workshop allows participants to dissect the layers of their identity through self- analysis. 

Cultural Differences

90 minutes — This workshop creates a space for dialogue as participants discuss the historical context of multiple cultures.


Implicit Bias

90 minutes — This workshop explores how implicit bias is a direct impact of cognitive, social and environmental factors.


90 minutes —This workshop focuses on addressing the blind spots of participants by identifying how day to day interactions can be viewed as insensitive or an insult. 

Power & Privilege

90 minutes — This workshop explores how power and privilege exists within multiple identities. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

90 minutes —This workshop allows participants to create a collaborative definition for diversity, equity, and inclusion and share best practices for maintaining an equitable work environment.