You are creating a generation of LEADERS & COLLABORATORS! I am thankful for your expertise.
— Dr. LaQuanda Carpenter



"This open conversation is needed in the elementary and high school classes."

— Luis Cordoba

“I’m opening a school and I want Diversity Talks for my teachers.”

— Tom Krebs

"Your school will be remiss to not have Diversity Talks come in and talk about diversity, equity, and inclusion."

— Catina Taylor


“I was not equipped at all to speak with my students about issues of race and equity. I wasn’t equipped to even process these issues for myself. It wasn’t until four years into my career that I received truly effective professional development around diversity and equity, and even then I feel I am but a beginner in this work.”

— Deborah Chang

“But to have that conversation led by students was extremely powerful, because you were able to hear the voice of the student, you were able to glean from their experience when teachers and school leaders don’t come from that place,”

— LaQuanda Carpenter

"The student facilitators from Diversity Talks are so poised and amazing. They make me teary eyed. 

— Sarah Marie Martin

"Empowering student-leaders to transform communities' dialogues as 21st century change agents."

— Nicholas Dorn